Wow Beautiful Children's Choir Sings as Pope Francis Visits Shelter for Homeless Run by St. Mother Theresa Sisters "...the Lord is with us too: when we are together, so happy, the Lord is with us." FULL Video


The Centre is run by the Missionary Sisters of Charity, founded by St Teresa of Calcutta, and is situated in the largest borough of Bratislava on the banks of the River Danube. The district of Petržalka shares a border with Austria and is home to 110,000 people. It is also known for the many blocks of flats built in the 1970s and ’80s by the communist regime. In the ’80s and '90s, it was known as the “Bratislava Bronx” due to the high crime rate in the area. The Missionaries of Charity came to this area in 1997, transforming a kindergarten into a house for homeless people, receiving only the poorest of the poor. The sisters also go and search out those on the margins of society living under bridges in the city. Despite the tireless work of the sisters, this hidden gem of welcome and support is still unknown to many who live in the city. The house provides long-term assistance and there are usually about 20 to 40 people in need living at the centre.



"Bethlehem Center" (Bratislava)
Monday, 13 September 2021


Off-the-cuff words of the Holy Father

Good evening to you all!

I am happy to visit you, to be among you, I am very happy. Thank you for receiving me!

And I thank the Sisters so much for the work they do, work of welcoming, of help, of accompaniment. Thank you very much! I thank the mothers, the fathers who are here with the boys; and I thank all the guys for being here right now. And the Lord is with us too: when we are together, so happy, the Lord is with us. He is with us even when we have moments of trial: he never abandons us, the Lord is always close to us. We can see it and we can not see it, but it always accompanies us on the journey of life: do not forget this, especially in bad moments. And thank you very much, thank you very much!