Wow Miracle of the Liquefication of St. Januarius' Blood Occurs Again During Holy Mass at the Cathedral - VIDEO San Gennaro Napoli

During live-streamed Holy Mass the recurring miracle of the liquefaction of the blood of Saint Januarius (or Gennaro)  occurred in the Cathedral. An announcement was made by the archbishop, Monsignor Domenico Battaglia, at 10 o'clock.

The celebrations that took place in compliance with the anti-covid rules: only 450 the faithful were permitted inside and 200 in the churchyard. The miracle usually occurs 3 times a year: on the Saint's Feast Day September 19th, the 1st Saturday in May and on December 16th which was the anniversary of the Volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1631. It is considered a bad omen if the blood does not liquify - which happened just before the pandemic.  

 The celebration was attended by the former metropolitan archbishop, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, and the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca. At the end of the celebration, the ampoule with the relics of the Patron Saint of Naples and Campania was placed in the reliquary in the chapel dedicated to him.

The  liquefaction of the blood on the liturgical feast in honor of the Patron Saint of Naples and Campania, in the time of the pandemic, gives great hope to the people. The church of San Gennaro is a Unesco  heritage site.

Image Source: Screenshot from the Chiesi di Napoli Youtube Channel