#BreakingNews about 2500 Participate in Pro-Life Annual March for Life in Vienna, Austria but Extremists Tried to Block the Way - VIDEO

The Pro-Life Annual March for Life took place in Vienna, Austria on Saturday, October 16th, 2021. According to the organizers, around 2500 people came to Stephansplatz and the subsequent march, including, as in previous years, many families, young people and children. A specific topic this year was against the planned introduction of euthanasia after a controversial ruling by the east. To demonstrate the Constitutional Court. Before the march there were several church services, the Holy Mass in St. Peter's Church was celebrated by the Viennese Auxiliary Bishop Scharl.

Father Bruno Meusburger presented the newly founded initiative “Priests for Life”, then later there was a first appearance by the Austrian band “Pro Life Music”, in which the lead singer with her grandiose soul music was definitely part of the music program “ The Voice “could keep up with the front runners.

Anna Bonetti, a well-known prolifer who was born deaf due to a genetic defect, came straight from Italy. She has been involved in the pro-life movement for 4 years. She stressed that pregnancy is not something that can be simply interrupted.


 “A child lost to abortion is gone forever! Every day we lose thousands of children who never get the chance to be our friends, partners or schoolmates of our children. "

During the march through downtown Vienna that followed, there were multiple counter-protests from left-wing radicals. Hundreds of police officers, a police helicopter and a few police dogs protected the participants. An exciting situation arose at the Wiener Ring when it was blocked by the left-wing radicals. The police issued a five-minute ultimatum and threatened to use gun violence against the unreported counter-demonstration illegally blocking the march. After that the road was finally cleared. Groups like “Youth for Life”, which is getting stronger every year. The new pro-life generation grows every year.

Theresa Habsburg gave a great closing speech and called on all participants to turn to their parliamentarians to avert the introduction of so-called “euthanasia” in Austria. 

 Others traveled hundreds of kilometers, some with children, and sat in cars and buses for hours.  the next march for life will take place on October 15, 2022. 

Some ÖVP politicians took part in the march, and a politician from the FPÖ is said to have been present.

with Information from Kath.net