Halloween Explained - 5 Things You Need to Know about the Origins of this Feast - VIDEO

1. HALLOWEEN comes from the Old English "All Hallows Eve" or night before All Saints Day. (SEE Video below)

  • 2. This is a Christian celebration of all the Saints who have died and gone to heaven. 
  • 3. The first account showing a celebration of this feast comes from St Ephrem the Syrian (d. AD 373). The dates of this feast varied. 
  • 4. In many areas Christians dress up as Saints and Angels and learn of their stories of Faith.
  •  5. This feast has become paganized and now many dress in other costumes without realizing the origins of this feast. 
  • This Halloween consider dressing up in honor of a Saint or Angel from heaven who's life was a witness to the unending love of God for you.
  • (Smaller Image SOURCE; SHOWER OF ROSES BLOG - Larger Image from the Philippines CBCP)
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