Pope Francis' Chirograph establishes the Foundation for Catholic Health to offer Economic Support to the Health Structures of the Church - FULL TEXT


Gladly accepting the plea that comes to me from various parts of a direct intervention by the Holy See in support and support of the canonical bodies that operate with the sole purpose of improving the health of the sick and alleviating their suffering, also with the collaboration of benefactors who have particularly at heart the Church's concern for the most fragile and needy, with this Chirograph I establish the Foundation for Catholic Health, assigning it, where the conditions exist, to offer economic support to the health structures of the Church, so that the Charism is preserved of the Founders, the insertion within the network of analogous and meritorious structures of the Church and with this their exclusively beneficial purpose according to the dictates of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

To this end, I establish the Foundation for Catholic Health as a public canonical juridical person and a civil juridical person, as an Entity connected to the Holy See, so that it can operate under your sovereign authority and as an instrumental body of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See. , which will provide for its government and all that is needed for its functioning.

The Foundation will be governed by canonical laws and in particular by the special norms that regulate the Bodies of the Holy See, as well as by the annexed Statute, which I simultaneously approve.

It will be included in the list of Bodies attached to the Statute of the Council for the economy and subject to the controls and authorizations of the Secretariat for the Economy.

From the Vatican, 29 September 2021


Source: Vatican.va