Wow Cute Moment as Boy Spontaneously Approaches Pope Francis and Asks for His Hat! - VIDEO

During Pope Francis' Wednesday Audience and Catechesis a young boy spontaneously went the the stage and approached the Holy Father asking for his hat (white zucchetto).

The Pope invited the boy to sit beside him and used this cute moment as a teachable lesson - that we must be like children and approach God. (Video below)

Here is what the Pope said: 

Dear brothers and sisters, good morning!

In these days we are talking about the freedom of faith, listening to the Letter to the Galatians. But I was reminded of what Jesus was saying about the spontaneity and freedom of children, when this child had the freedom to approach and move as if he were at home... And Jesus tells us: “You too, if you do not behave like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. The courage to approach the Lord, to be open to the Lord, not to be afraid of the Lord: I thank this child for the lesson he has given us all. And may the Lord help him in his limitation, in his growth because he has given this testimony that came from his heart. Children do not have an automatic translator from the heart to life: the heart takes the lead. Thank you.