Wow Over 1 Million People Across Mexico in Pro-Life Marches in 70 Cities "For Women and for Life" with Support from the Mexican Bishops' Conference - VIDEO

More than a million people took to the streets in more than 70 cities of the country in defense of women and life, and to express their rejection of the latest resolutions of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) on the decriminalization of abortion in Mexico and against putting some limit on the right of doctors to conscientious objection.

The data were provided in a statement by the organizers of the national march In favor of women and life , which was held simultaneously in the country's cities.

As a strong symbol for the protection of life and against the latest court rulings on abortion, protest marches under the motto "For women and for life" took place simultaneously in 70 cities in Mexico on Sunday. According to the organizers, over a million people with blue scarves took part in the parades, more than 100,000 of them in the capital Mexico City alone, reported the church portal (Sunday local time).

 The peaceful demonstrations were organized by a civil society alliance and supported by the Mexican Bishops' Conference.

The bishops underlined in a statement released on Sunday that the prison does not offer a solution for women who have had an abortion, as it would only make them victim again. Still, it is regrettable that "in the face of the dilemma of not criminalizing the abortion woman and protecting the life of the unborn child, the Supreme Court has decided to reject the latter without attempting to protect both." The background to this was a series of decisions made by the constitutional judges in early September.

Both the criminality of abortion in one state and a passage that referred to the protection of human life, including the unborn from conception, in another state were described as unconstitutional. The judgments are likely to have an impact on similarly worded laws in other Mexican states, where abortions were previously only permitted after rape. In a further ruling, the highest judges also declared the refusal of medical services for reasons of conscience to be inadmissible with regard to abortions. "Abortion does not solve any of our problems, it puts us in an even more vulnerable situation," said a manifesto.

An "alliance for the benefit of women and life" was also proposed, to which all sections of society were invited. Last Tuesday, as part of a global day of action, there were protests for unrestricted access to abortion in Mexico, which led to violent riots. Video recordings show how masked women sprayed traffic lights, street signs, buildings with graffiti and also acted against believers who formed a living protective wall in front of churches. In Mexico City alone, 37 people were injured, including 27 police officers, one official from the government secretariat and nine civilians.


Statement by the Catholic Bishops in Favor of the March:

On-the-go statement: "In favor of women and life" Mexico City, October 1, 2021
Prot. No. 79/20 Feast of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus. On the occasion of the national march in favor of women and human life that will be held this coming Sunday, October 3, in many cities of the country, the Bishops of Mexico want to offer the following guidelines: 
 1. We celebrate and congratulate all the people of good will who have decided to participate in the march. We encourage those who have not yet done so to prophetically join in this expression of love for women and for life. 
 2. It is a citizen march, open to all religious expressions, without any kind of political-partisan relationship or link, which is carried out in the exercise of freedom of expression and respectful demonstration. 
 3. The spirit that must animate the participants is that of the “ culture of encounter ”, promoted by the Holy Father Francis, based on love, dialogue and which requires impeccable, peaceful, respectful behavior and free of any kind. form of violence (against people, institutions or public assets). 
 4. Faced with the false dilemma of discarding human life to protect women, the march will highlight the defense of the dignity of women and promote a common commitment to seek creative solutions to the various problems faced in multiple areas, particularly for those victims of violence, exploitation, discrimination or pregnant women in a vulnerable situation. At the same time and with the same conviction, the defense of the dignity of the human being conceived not yet born will be highlighted and the voice will be raised in favor of their protection and guardianship by the State. 
 5. Finally, we urge all attendees to follow the preventive health recommendations for the use of face masks, antibacterial gel, and healthy distance. We pray to God and to the Virgin of Guadalupe so that, starting on October 3, all Mexicans will march together in favor of women and life. Secretary General of the CEM
+ Rogelio Cabrera López 

   Archbishop of Monterrey

    President of the CEM

+ Jesús José Herrera Quiñonez

         Bishop of Nuevo Casas Grandes 

and Responsible for the Episcopal Dimension of Life
+ Alfonso G. Miranda Guardiola

Auxiliary Bishop of Monterrey