Pope Francis' Message to UNESCO on Anniversary "...common service to peace and solidarity among peoples..." FULL TEXT

Pope Francis' Message to UNESCO 

Madam Director-General

Ladies and Gentlemen who form the working community of UNESCO,

From my heart I express my congratulations on the seventy-fifth anniversary of this United Nations Agency. The Church has a privileged relationship with it. Indeed, the Church is at the service of the Gospel, and the Gospel is the most humanising message known to history. A message of life, freedom and hope, which has inspired countless educational initiatives in every age and in every place, and has inspired the scientific and cultural growth of the human family.

This is why the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation is a privileged partner of the Holy See in the common service to peace and solidarity among peoples, to the integral development of the human person and to the protection of the cultural heritage of humanity.

Best wishes to UNESCO! Best wishes! May God bless you, and all the best in your work! Thank you!

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