Wow Super Cute Reaction of Actor David Henrie's Daughter after Receiving Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe! VIDEO

Catholic Actor David Henrie bought his 2-year-old an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Watch her super cute reaction on the Video below. Henrie says, “This is a hand-painted oil painting …” and Pia exclaims, “Oh, Papa! Hey, Papa!”— “of guess who?” She gasps as she sees the image and exclaims: “Gaayupe!” He then explains, “Guadalupe!” laughing along with his daughter .

HER REACTION AT THE END 😂 after weeks on the road I got Pia an oil painting of an image she’s obsessed with right now. Always get your kids presents when you travel! It was always my favorite thing. My fav comment from my Tiktok was “someone’s abuela is reincarnate in your daughter 😂” haha 🇲🇽 🥰