Bishops of Canada Message for 2021 National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples "We are brothers and sisters of our One Creator God." FULL TEXT

2021 National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples

On 12 December, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Church in Canada celebrates the National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples.

This project, with the approval of the Bishops of Canada, has been coordinated since 2002 by the Canadian Catholic Indigenous Council (formerly the Canadian Catholic Aboriginal Council).

This year, the reflection by the Council centres on the theme We are called to Healing, Forgiveness, Reconciliation. “We, the Body of Christ, are called to live in friendship and harmony with all peoples. We are brothers and sisters of our One Creator God. God gives everything to all of us. God creates and sustains the wonderful diversity of peoples, cultures, races and creeds.”

LINK: 2021 Message of the Canadian Catholic Indigenous Council


PRAYER: Let us pray: 

O God, Creator and Father of all, with humility we your children acknowledge the relationship of all living things. For this we thank you, we praise you and we worship you. We call on you, Great Mystery, the Word made Flesh – our teacher, prophet and brother – to open our hearts to all our brothers and sisters, and with them to grow in the wisdom, honesty, courage and respectfulness shown in The Sacred Teachings.

 Give us the vision and honesty to recognize that the we are all brothers and sisters of one human family, created and sustained by the One Creator. As we deal with many challenges, may we never give way to fear and anger, which can be the source of division and threat amongst peoples. We look to how God always gives to us, as a remedy for sins of prejudice and intolerance. We see in God the Creator of all things, One who always provides and is generous – even given the abuses we have heaped on one another and on the earth. 

We see in the Son, Jesus Christ - the innocent Victim who pours His life blood out from the Cross for all peoples. We see how the Holy Spirit is God’s gift, alive in our world today – inspiring vision and hope that we can have the same mind and heart of God! May Your Spirit also bless and guide the delegation of indigenous leaders and young people as they prepare to visit the Holy Father, Pope Francis, in the near future. May this be occasion of grace and healing, and make possible a renewed journey and future. O Creator, show us the way to healing, forgiveness and reconciliation, and a renewed fellowship. +Amen