VIDEO of Pope Francis with Journalists on the Flight to Cyprus "It is a beautiful journey, and we will also touch wounds."

Pope Francis traveled to Cyprus on his 35th Apostolic Journey, this time with ITA Airways, after Alitalia closed in October.
(SEE Video below) During the flight, Spanish journalist Eva Fernandez gave the Pope a stuffed animal lost by a little boy along the coast while he tried to reach Lesbos. Also, French journalist Loup Besmond de Sennonville gave him a work of art made from tarps used by migrants in Calais, in the English Channel. 
 Matteo Bruni said, 

Hello everyone, welcome to you. Today, Holy Father, we are 77 journalists who accompany you, including several from the countries we will visit. We are grateful and happy to leave with you again. Have a nice day, have a good trip!

Pope Francis' greeting:

Thanks! Good morning and thank you very much for your company. It is a beautiful journey, and we will also touch wounds. I hope we can all welcome all the messages we find. Thank you very much for your company!