Thieves Break into Safe of Convent of Nuns and Try to Steal but Find a Shocking Discovery

Several news outlets in Italy have reported on an attempted robbery of a convent of nuns. After having  broken into the safe of the convent of the Daughters of the oratory in via Pietrasanta, in Codogno, in the province of Lodi, Italy,  a gang of thieves found a shocking discovery.

Instead of money they found a note with these words written on it: "Change your life, it's time".

The sisters hoped for the conversion of the heart, or salvation of the soul of the thieves with their little note.

Especially since it was not the first time that the thieves attempted to steal in that same convent, already a few years ago, and just a few days before the failed attempt on Wednesday, December 1st. "The money is not inside the safe", Sister Gabriella said, "it has been like this for some time now. I hope the note left inside was picked up by those who decided to break into the safe. There is always time to change your life and  move forward legally. I hope it was useful in trying to make these people understand that you can't live on theft."

In addition to the note, the thieves have come across a nice little owl, a candle and some pictures of the Madonna. Investigating the charism of the Order, we see why the message left to the thieves ("Change your life, it's time") is related to the charism of the Institute. In giving him the name of  Daughters of the Oratory , in fact, Don Vincenzo Grossi (founder of the Work canonized by Pope Francis in 2015 together with the Martin spouses) was explicitly inspired by St. Philip Neri.