Unique Limited Edition KEFA Watches with the Vatican Coat of Arms of Pope Francis Called the "Petrus" with Proceeds Supporting Charity

 The creation of an exclusive and unique timepiece in the world, in which there is represented the Emblem of the State of Vatican City and the coat of arms of Pope Francis, produced thanks to the exclusive authorization of the Vatican Authorities.

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Images of these Beautiful Watches: https://www.instagram.com/kefawatches/


 Equipped with an automatic Swiss movement, the watch is produced in a limited edition:  2013 pieces, to recall the election year of Pope Francis, all strictly numbered and registered. Each copy will be equipped with an electronic "identity card", which will report the various passages of ownership and will keep it safe from every attempt of counterfeiting.

Through the purchase of this watch, in addition to receiving a unique product, the value of which will grow over time,  our customers will also contribute to financing the charitable activities of the Vatican Foundation "Science and Faith - STOQ", to which part of the revenues will be allocated.

In addition, as part of this project, Kefa decided to establish the Kefa Club to encourage like-minded owners of the ‘Petrus’ to share cultural and community experiences during the exclusive events that will be organized periodically in the main Italian cities of art and in the Vatican City. (Catholic News World does not receive any reimbursement from these purchases)