Wow Marathon of 100-Hour Non-Stop Bible Reading on Top of Fire Truck with 300 Readers - VIDEO

In Louisiana, USA a Fire Truck was Transformed into “Friar Truck” with a pulpit for 100-Hour Bible Marathon. From January 19th at 12:30 pm until January 23rd at 4:30 pm the bible was read cover to cover. 

This is an annual event of 100-hour Bible reading marathon at St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church in St. Martinville, Louisiana.

The Diocese of Lafayette joined the 7th annual, non-stop Bible-reading event. They needed 300 readers needing over 100 hours to complete within 5 days. 

The truck had bible verses painted on it: “I have come to cast a fire upon the earth,” (Gospel of Luke 12:49), and “Dial God.”

“We’re going to take about 1836 pages of a very big Bible to go from the beginning to the Book of Revelation,”  said Fr. Champagne.

They started this event in 2016. The marathon has produced on going weekly bible study groups in the diocese.

Bishop Douglas Deshotel of the Diocese of Lafayette blessed the truck on January 7, 2022.