Wow Pope Francis Meets Holocaust Survivor and Kisses the Prisoner Number Tattooed on her Arm - Ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day - VIDEO

January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Pope Francis made appeal at the end of the Wednesday General Audience for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  He also met with a holocaust survivor and kissed the prisoner number tattooed on her arm(see video below).
Pope Francis said:
"It is necessary to remember the extermination of millions of Jews, and people of different nationalities and religious faiths. This unspeakable cruelty must never be repeated. I appeal to everyone, especially educators and families, to foster in the new generations an awareness of the horror of this black page of history. It must not be forgotten, so that we can build a future where human dignity is no longer trampled underfoot."
The world has dedicated this day to remember the horrors of the Holocaust, also known as the Shoah.
The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is held on the date of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp on 27 January 1945. Approximately, 6 million of Europe’s Jews, or two-thirds of the continent’s Jewish population, were killed by the Nazi regime.
Pope Francis visited the ruins of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 2016 (see video below), where the Catholic priest St. Maximillian Kolbe was killed, along with 1.1 million others. The Pope spoke no words on that occasion, but only embraced several of the camp’s survivors. He wrote his prayer in Spanish in the Book of Honor: “Señor ten piedad de tu pueblo. Señor, perdón por tanta crueldad! Lord, have mercy on your people. Lord, forgive so much cruelty!” (Edited from VaticanNews and