#BreakingNews Thieves Enter Franciscan Catholic Church Scatter Eucharist and Steal Sacred Vessels Used for Mass

A Franciscan Catholic Church and Convent in Santiago, Chile was robbed and desecrated on February 9th, 2022. On the official Facebook Page for the Church they wrote:
Brothers and sisters: We convey a sad and painful news to you. Early this morning we have been victims of robbery at our Franciscan Recollection Church. They have stolen from us all the objects of worship for the celebration of the Mass since the sacristy, and the most terrible thing, they have defiled the Holy Sacrament. (See 2: 46 Mark on Video Below)  
Thank God the brothers are fine. It gives rage and sorrow that they look against a place that is in the service of God's People and those in need.
In a subsequent post they ask all to join in prayer and Mass of reparation:
We want to join us in prayer with a spirit of prayer and reparation in the eucharist of appreciation for the acts committed in our temple of the Franciscan Recoleta.
This Monday 14th February at 12 hrs.
Must pre-register with the secretariat (limited light) and carry your mobility pass.