#BreakingNews Young Catholic Priest and Brother Killed on Day of Consecrated Life - RIP Fr. Richard

A young Catholic Religious Brother and Priest,  Father Richard Masivi has been killed at the age of 37. He was ordained in 2019 and the parish priest of the Catholic parish of Kaseghe in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa..


 He was shot dead by unidentified armed men in Busesa between the city of Kirumba and Mighobwe,  in the Lubero territory,  in North Kivu,  on Wednesday the 2nd of February 2022.

Father Richard Masivi,  CRM was killed in his car while returning from Kirumba where every 2nd February he participated in the feast of the presentation of the Lord and celebration of consecrated life.  He belonged to the Order of the Clerics Regular Minor also known as the Caracciolini Fathers. 

“The priest was alone in his car,  returning from a celebration for consecrated life in Kanyabayonga where he was with other priests and religious and was heading towards Kaseghe. 

We found his body lying in his car next to his phone,  which was not taken away by his executioners,  ”explains the mayor of the municipality of Kirumba,  Obed Kambale.  

The people who committed the crime are not known. 

Please pray for the repose of his soul. 

Source: https://www.adornofathers.org/2022/02/adorno-priest-murdered-in-north-kivu-of-the-democratic-republic-of-congo/