Catholic Bishops of Columbia Statement "Direct abortion is an immoral act and a violent practice contrary to life..." after Court Decision

This is what the Episcopal Conference of Colombia express, after the decision taken this Monday, February 21, by the Constitutional Court, on the “ Conduct of abortion will only be punishable when it is carried out after the twenty-fourth (24) week of gestation and, in any case, this time limit will not be applicable to the three cases established in Judgment C-355 of 2006 ”.

In a statement, the bishops, expressing their perplexity and deep pain, observe that it cannot be minimized that every pregnancy implies the existence of another human being, different from that of the mother, who is in a state of defenselessness and vulnerability, therefore she has the right to be part of a family.

" To maintain that the rights to life and to receive the protection of the State, protected by the Constitution (cf. art. 2.5.9), do not cover it from the moment of its conception, is an affront to human dignity. Likewise, protecting the supposed right to suppress an innocent human life puts at risk the very foundation of our social order and the rule of law. Direct abortion is an immoral act and a violent practice contrary to life ."

The bishops, when mentioning article 95 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, affirm that the problem of abortion cannot be limited only to pregnant women, but also demands the solidarity of the entire society.

" Since this virtue allows us to create good alternatives, where evil stands as the only option, we want to be the first to help find the good option when abortion seems to be the solution. We do it in the name of the One who came to bring life in abundance, with the hope that the State, as well as all compatriots of good will, will spare no effort to protect and promote human life, even in the most complex circumstances ", they conclude.

The message that bears the title: Let us all resort to creative solidarity in favor of life! 

was signed by the president of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, Monsignor Luis José Rueda Aparicio, archbishop of Bogotá; 

the vice president, Monsignor Omar Alberto Sánchez Cubillos, Archbishop of Popayán;

 and the secretary general, Monsignor Luis Manuel Ali Herrera, auxiliary bishop of Bogotá.