Mark Wahlberg Stars in New Movie on a Boxer Turned Catholic Priest with Co-Star Mel Gibson and Directed by Rosalind Ross Opening on Good Friday!

On Good Friday, April 15, 2022, Sony Pictures will Open its new film about Father Stu. Mark Wahlberg will star in a film about Father Stuart Long, a boxer turned priest. Wahlberg has been developing the film for years. Mark Wahlberg go into the boxing ring for this feature film role. Wahlberg has also gotten Mel Gibson to play Long’s father while Teresa Ruiz, one of the stars of Narcos: Mexico, will play his girlfriend. Deadline’s Justin Kroll reported that Wahlberg will play Father Stuart Long in the film entitled "Stu", which follows the life of a Montana boxer who retired from fighting due to injuries and was later in a serious motorcycle accident. In the hospital, according to reports, Long had an out of body experience and rediscovered his faith and enrolled in Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon. Long eventually decided to become a priest.  
 However, before he was ordained, Long was diagnosed with a rare muscular degenerative disease that forced him into a wheelchair. In spite of these sufferings, he achieved his goal and Long’s ministry developed a following among thousands of people. According to Kroll, Stu (other reports have the title as “Father Stu“) is being developed as a faith-based film that’s been a passion project for Wahlberg. As far back as 2016, Wahlberg was working on the film with director David O. Russell. An opening in his schedule this year allowed Wahlberg to get this film made. Wahlberg is employing Rosalind Ross as director of the film based on her script, which she’s reportedly worked on with Wahlberg for years. 
(Edited from Deadline and Hollywood Reporter)