Nuns Remain in Kiev in Prayer and Good Spirits while those in Kharkiv Evacuate - They Ask for Prayers for Ukraine

The Carmelite order has released this message about some of their religious in Ukraine (See Video Below): 
Dear confreres and sisters: Everything is one with Ukraine and with our brothers and sisters. We send you this urgent request for help for the needs of the people of Ukraine. I ask you at this moment for your generosity in prayer and also for the contribution you can offer. Thank you very much. God bless you. (Source: )
On Twitter they wrote:
The nuns of Kharkiv have decided to evacuate the monastery. They move to a city in western Ukraine, in a column of cars (photo from Kharkiv). The nuns of Kiev remain, and the friars stay with them.
The Nuns from Kiev explained on Feb. 27:
We are fine. Last night was very difficult. Kiev is under attack, bombing. And now we also hear that noise. Our house is shaking. We have not suffered anything bad. We ask for so many prayers because the attack is horrible. Let us pray.
They released a short video on Twitter explaining that they remain in prayer: