Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew says " Let the war end now! Stop all acts of violence in Ukraine immediately!"

Ecumenical Patriarch: Let the war end now! Stop all acts of violence in Ukraine immediately!
His Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch addressed a new call for an immediate end to the war and any act of violence in Ukraine. Bartholomew in his speech, today, Lent Sunday, February 27, 2022, after the Divine Liturgy during which he officiated at the recently celebrated Holy Temple of Agios Charalambos of the Community of Veveki. His Holiness pointed out that in the last twenty-four hours a tragic humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Ukraine and expressed his support for the families of all the victims and the injured.
He emphasized the need to focus on Russia, and said that it was even more important now with the crisis over Russia. " in our neighborhood, the fiercest conflict since World War II, we direct our prayer to the Lord Jesus, the Lord of peace, asking Him with fervent soul, as "give strength to his people" and as "bless his people" εν ειρήνη »(πρβλ. Ψαλμ. κη´, 11). The Holy Church of Christ the Great sings the hymn of the angels unceasingly through the ages: "peace on earth and prosperity in men". 
And then he added:
"Indeed, a tragic humanitarian catastrophe has been unfolding in Ukraine for the last twenty-four hours. A war which, like any war, is an abominable and reprehensible situation. It is the domination of irrationality over reason, hatred over love, darkness over light, death over life. 
We call, and from this position, another church to end the war now! To immediately stop any act of violence, anything that spreads pain and death. Let reason prevail, love for fellow human beings, reconciliation and solidarity, the light of the Risen Christ, the gift of life. ”
The Ecumenical Patriarch reiterated his support for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, but also for the entire Ukrainian Nation, which has chosen to live freely and determine its own course.
"We express our full support to the brother of the Prelate of the Church of Ukraine, His Beatitude the Metropolitan of Kiev, Mr. Epiphany, and our unwavering support to all the hard-working Ukrainian people, who have a deep faith in God and a free will. himself his life, as he deserves in every nation. Although, unfortunately, some have come, these days, to the point of questioning even this historical and national subsistence. 
Our thoughts are constantly with the wounded and with the families of the innocent victims, regardless of national origin and origin, for the rest of the souls whose souls we pray to the Lord of Life and Death. And we are sure that the Lord will hear our prayers and will not abandon his beloved children in Ukraine. "
He then referred to the life and martyrdom of the patron and curator of the Community of Veveki, Saint Charalambos, "who raises his gigantic stature, fearless before the unbelieving lords, the representatives of the kingdom of this world" , and wished us his example inspires everyone. Referring to the imminent beginning of Lent, "the pre-eminent period of practice, prayer, repentance and divine charity" , His Holiness urged the faithful to embrace the message of the victory of the Cross, which, as he said, is at the same time evangelical. and love, 
May, by performing acts of love for our brothers "the few", the hungry, the thirsty, the strangers, the naked, the sick, those in prison, those at war and in exile, not out of duty, but out of faith and good conscience , to claim to hear His blessed voice: "Come, ye blessed of my father, ye have inherited the prepared hymn of the kingdom of the world."
The Ecumenical Patriarch, on the occasion of his current ordination, praised the Rev. Metropolitan of Kydonia Mr. Athenagoras, Supervisor of the Bosporus Region, for the work he has performed during the first year of his duties, both from a functional and a pastoral, but also   from a cultural point of view, having, as he said, the valuable assistance from the Community bodies, with which it is in good cooperation. "We congratulate you wholeheartedly, holy brother, for the love and responsibility with which you manage and carry out the sacred mission entrusted to you by the Mother Church."
Afterwards, His Holiness expressed his Patriarchal satisfaction to the Hierarchical Head Fr. Kyriakon Kesisoglou, as well as to the President of the Ecclesiastical Committee Eugene. Mrs. Mary Symeonidou and her collaborators, for the work performed.
Afterwards, His Holiness introduced the new Archbishop of Crete, Rev. Fr. Mr. Eugenios, who was accompanied by the Revs. Metropolitans of Ierapytni and Sitia Mr. Kyrillos and Rethymno and Avlopotamos Mr. Prodromos. 
"Everyone came to carry to us the message of love and devotion of the thriving legacy of the Throne in Crete, which, shining from the light of the humble, but unique in history and value of Fanari, walks the path of the destiny of the great. Holy Crete, we ask you to assure all the pious and devoted children of the Mother Church in Crete, that her affection for them is unlimited, that she feels joy and pride for them, for their growth according to Christ and their progress according to the world, and that her arms are always open to receive her in this unique and historic Pauline ”. 
Afterwards, the Patriarch asked the Archbishop of Crete to address the reasons for construction, which His Eminence willingly did, during the reception in the Community Hall. The Archbishop emphasized the devotion of the Church in Crete to the Ecumenical Patriarchate and then referred to the deep meaning of the words of the Lord in today's evangelical passage. 
Previously, His Holiness was welcomed by the Metropolitan of Kydonia, Mr. Athenagoras, who referred to the preparation of the faithful for the Lent and during the Great Lent, so that "pure and soulful lips", to worship the Holy Resurrection and the Holy Resurrection.
On behalf of the Ecclesiastical Committee of the Community, Eugene addressed warm words to His Holiness. Mr. Mary Symeonidou, and Edim. Mr. Nikolaos Saatsis, Vice-Chairman of the Ephorate Committee, who referred to the work carried out in the Community during the last year.
During the Divine Liturgy, the divine word was preached by Panosiol. Archimandrite Mr. Agathangelos, Archbishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Lords Ofikiali of M.T.X.E., the Consul General of Greece Eugen. Mrs. Georgia Sultanopoulou, and a large number of believers from the city and pilgrims from abroad.

FULL TEXT Source: https://ec-patr.org/ - Translation from Greek