Vatican Announces a New Contest Inviting Entries for the Jubilee 2025 Official Logo

The Vatican announces a New Contest inviting entries for the Jubilee 2025 Official Logo. The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization launches a competition open to all, for the creation of the Official Logo for the Jubilee 2025. The contest begins on Tuesday, 22 February and ends on Friday, 20 May, 2022.This competition is held under the auspices of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New
Evangelization (PCPNE) in view of the Holy Year of 2025.
The purpose of this competition is the study and creation of a logo to represent the Jubilee 2025 that clearly expresses the theme of the Holy Year and that will serve as a distinctive symbol for all the activities of the
In the Catholic Church a jubilee is usually celebrated every 25 years. It is a favorable time to invigorate the daily life of the Church and of every Christian: to be a sign of God's closeness and tenderness. Each Jubilee
Year is marked by a theme summarized in a motto. For Jubilee 2025, Pope Francis has chosen the motto "Pilgrims of Hope."
Christian hope should not be understood in a static manner, but rather in a dynamic way. It does not stem from fear of the future, but is marked by the expectation of good, in confident trust in God.
 The Jubilee motto "Pilgrims of Hope" aims to restore these fundamental concepts by combining them with the journey that the
pilgrim is called to make.
Therefore, the logo must portray the essence of the Jubilee event, with particular attention given to the
motto (see attachment 1).
The logo, including the logotype (Iubilaeum A.D. MMXXV), the payoff (Peregrinantes in spem), and other
features are required to be:
 Simple and intuitive;
 Unique, original and unpublished;
 Consistent with the theological message of Jubilee 2025;
 Adaptable to small and large size for printing on paper, plastic, fabrics, hangings/posters, decals,
stickers, films and large and small gadgets;
 Adaptable to digital formats of different websites and social networks
 Usable in both color (indicating the chosen color palette, its use and possible color combinations;
colors should be indicated in CMYK, RGB and HEX) and black and white;
 Recognizable and distinctive;
 In Latin, but adaptable to the various principal languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish,
Portuguese and Polish; see attachment 2).
Participation in the competition is free and open to everyone, both as individuals and as groups, including
companies and/or graphic design studios, free-lance professionals and graphic design institutes.
In the case of participation as an association, the group must choose and indicate its contact person who will
represent it in dealings with the PCPNE. The group of contestants will have the same rights and duties as an
individual contestant and will constitute a single entity and the authorship of the proposals will be recognized
with equal rights and titles to all members of the group.
Members cannot be added to a group during the course of the competition.
A contestant may not participate in more than one group neither as group leader nor as a member of a group
nor as a consultant or collaborator, nor as an individual contestant; in such case the Department will
disqualify from the competition all the groups in which the contestant is a member.
It is absolutely forbidden for all contestants to disclose, publish or arrange for the publication of projects (or
parts thereof) before the results of the Judging Committee are announced. Violation of this rule will result in
the immediate and permanent exclusion from the competition.
Each contestant, whether as an individual or as a group, may submit only one proposal.
All contestants are admitted to the competition subject to confirmation of compliance with the requirements
for participation.
Participation in the competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of this announcement.
Participation does not lead to employment relationships, does not constitute a professional appointment
with the PCPNE, does not entitle the participant to compensation of any kind nor to reimbursement of
expenses for any reason whatsoever.
The PCPNE, in its sole and unquestionable judgment, reserves the right:
- to modify, prolong, suspend or revoke, even in part, the present announcement if it should be deemed
appropriate or necessary for institutional reasons, of public interest or for regulatory measures without the
contestants having any claim or right;
- not to designate a winner if no design is deemed appropriate to meet the objectives of the Department and
does not comply with the requirements of this announcement.
The application form with its attachments must be submitted exclusively electronically, following the
instructions given below; therefore, no material should be delivered or sent, as it will not be considered at
To apply fill out the form that can be found at and upload the project
according to the following specifications:
 Presentation in pdf containing three distinct versions: 1) complete brand (pictogram + logotype +
payoff), 2) pictogram + payoff and 3) pictogram;
 User Manuel (Brand Manual) in pdf in Italian or English, containing the basic elements (primary
version, secondary, clear space, color, monochromatic, special version, proportions, minimum size,
primary colors, auxiliary colors).
The entire documentation required must not exceed 300MB.
The online form will be accessible at from April 1, 2022 to 8:00 pm (Italian
time, CET) on May 20, 2022. After this date and once the selection has been made, only the winner of this
competition will be contacted.
The graphic projects received will be reviewed by a Judging Committee established by the PCPNE, which will
evaluate each proposal and whose judgment will be final.
Designs and/or documents presented in a manner that does not comply with the requirements of this
regulation and containing anything that may be considered offensive and/or scandalous are grounds for
exclusion from participating in the competition. Furthermore, contestants who make the project or part of it
public before approval of the proceedings of the competition will be disqualified.
The author or authors of the winning proposal participating in the competition, in view of its specific aims,
waive in favor of PCPNE any copyright on their work and on the use of the winning brand and logo.
The proposal, brand and logo will become the full and exclusive property of the PCPNE, which becomes the
owner of all the exclusive rights of economic use and enjoyment - none excluded or excepted, including any
related rights - to them and reproduction, registration, deposit, publication, without limitation of space and
time, by any means of reproduction, even unknown today.
The winner (all members, in the case of an association) relinquishes all rights to use their work to PCPNE and
is required to subsequently submit the brand/logo in vector format within ten days from the communication
of the winnings.
Starting from this time, the winner accepts, without reservation and/or exception, that should it become
necessary or useful, at the PCPNE's unquestionable judgement, the idea, brand and/or logo developed by
the winner may be unilaterally modified, adapted and/or adjusted to professional graphic standards by the
The aforementioned concession of the proposed winning brand and logo will take place in the form of a
donation and there will be no financial compensation to the author of the selected work.
As of the present time, the winner guarantees the absolute originality and authorship of the entire proposal,
the idea, the brand and the logo presented and, assumes the full and exclusive responsibility, guarantees and
exonerates the PCPNE and the Holy See from any claim that could be made against them by any third party.
This announcement of competition is published on the website, on the
page of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization,, and can be
publicized in any other form deemed useful.
• February 22, 2022: publication of the announcement;
• April 1, 2022: beginning date for uploading data to the designated page;
• May 20, 2022: deadline for application, until 8:00 pm.
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