WOW Oldest Nun in the World Turns 118 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sister André who Recovered from COVID! VIDEO

 Catholic Nun Sister André is the Oldest Nun in the World and the Oldest person in Europe. Happy Birthday Sister André! She turned 118 on February 11th. She tested positive for the corona virus in 2021 but recovered.


 The nun was born in 1904 with her real name Lucile Randon.

She is the 2nd oldest person in the world. Sister André survived both World War I and II.

 Sister André was the youngest of 5 children, she was the only daughter, as her twin sister Lydie died at 18 months. She explained, A very little girl with 3 big boys was not funny." Sister André grew up in a family that did not practice Christianity, even though one of her grandfathers had been a Protestant pastor.

 In 1923, she received baptism and first communion at her own request.  She was baptized at age 26 and became a nun at age 41. with the Daughters of Charity. She was assigned to a hospital in Vichy for 31 years. She worked as a governess before entering the convent. One of her nephews is over 90 years old and visits her often.  Now blind and in a wheel chair, Sister André still attends daily Holy Mass. When she turned 115, Pope Francis sent her a rosary. 

She lives in the Saint Catherine Labouré nursing home in Toulon, France.