#BreakingNews Thousands Participate in Massive Pro-Life March for Life Across Argentina


In Argentina, thousands of people joined in the 7th annual March for Life. People cried out, "let's save both lives", at the event which was held in Buenos Aires and also in different cities around the country. The protesters called for the repeal of the abortion law.
The March for Life took place on Saturday, March 26, 2022 in Buenos Aires, with massive marches in different cities of the country, in celebration of the International Day of the Unborn Child. The pro-life demonstration from Plaza Italia to the Faculty of Law carried the slogan "Argentina begins at conception" and slogans against the abortion law passed in December 2020. Those who could not attend, accompanied the March for Life on social networks with the slogan #ArgentinaDesdeLaConcepci贸n. The demonstrators carried signs saying:
 "With law or without law, life is defended the same", "Neither silent nor sitting down", "Repeal abortion now", "Let's defend the gift of life, today and every day of the year", “People say yes to life, no to abortion Mr. President!”, “Play for life”, “Legal or illegal, abortion kills the same” or “abortion is genocide”.
Different people spoke there, including Leandro Rodr铆guez Lastra, the doctor from Rio Negro who refused to continue the clandestine abortion of a young rape victim who arrived at his hospital in serious condition. He saved the life of the mother and that of the child, and then he was condemned by the government. The health professional asked to think about "the 64,164 fewer Argentines in 2021 as a result of registered abortions" and stressed the need to "respect the rights of doctors." Also speaking to the crowd was Ver贸nica Camargo, the mother of Chiara P谩ez, the 14-year-old teenager who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend. At that time she was 3 months pregnant and the femicide sparked #NiUnaMenos. "She was pregnant and they killed her for defending the life of her baby," Camargo pointed out. Chiara's mother recalled that on that day the “Ni Una Menos” began to take shape.  

Alejandro Geyer, national coordinator of the March for Life, spoke on the air of Cr贸nica HD and stated: “What we seek with this mobilization is to show that we are in favor of life and against the abortion law. We will continue to demonstrate that life begins from the moment of conception. Legal or illegal, abortion kills the same.

And he added: “This lie is going to fall and the abortion law is going to fall. We have the support of millions of Argentines. We are going for the repeal of this murderous law. It is a genocide.”

For her part, Sonia Concina, president of the Leandro Olmos Foundation, maintained in dialogue with this medium that "abortion kills" and remarked that the fact that it is legal "does not mean that death does not exist."

“It is a horror to see how children are killed in the womb,” she said.

And she added: “It is important to mobilize ourselves to stand out and say that every life is worth. Abortion is not the only recourse. Children can be given up for adoption. You can have another way out before the abortion.”

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