Catholic Bishops of the Ukraine Ask Pope Francis to Consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

 This is stated in a letter sent by the Episcopate of the Latin Rite Bishops of the Ukraine to the Holy Father. We publish the text of the letter.

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Holy Father!

In these hours of immeasurable pain and terrible ordeal for our people, we, the bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Ukraine, are spokesmen for the unceasing and heartfelt prayer, supported by our priests and consecrated persons, which comes to us from all Christian people to dedicate Your Holiness our Motherland and Russia.

Responding to this prayer, we humbly ask Your Holiness to publicly perform the act of consecration to the Sacred Immaculate Heart of Mary of Ukraine and Russia, as requested by the Blessed Virgin in Fatima.

May the Mother of God, Queen of Peace, accept our prayer: Regina pacis, ora pro nobis!
Sister Lucia sent an important handwritten letter to Sister Mary of Bethlehem, dated August 29, 1989. The letter was in Portuguese and signed by Sister Lucia in her own handwriting. This letter is important because it affirms that the 1984 Consecration by Pope St. John Paul II had been made as Our Lady requested back in 1929.
In the letter, Sister Lucia points out that the previous consecrations made by Popes Pius XII in 1942 and 1952; Paul VI in 1967; and John Paul II in 1982, were not fully efficacious, because they were not made in union with the bishops of the world. She also speaks of the “Consecration of the world, according to the request of Our Lady.”