Ethiopian Bishops Conference Calls for an End to War in Ethiopia saying the Church "...will pray day and night for peace within the country, among the people..."

 Ethiopian Catholic Church Aussat Conference Message

“The truth will set you free” (Acts 8:32)

For all Catholics, priests, monks, believers and volunteers!!

The Holy Church has a spiritual responsibility, it will pray, advice, and teaching so that there will be no trials, tribulations and problems in the country. It will pray day and night for peace within the country, among the people, and for peace in the entrance of the neighboring countries. It will do its responsibility to make peace within the country.

Our church has been thinking and advising that there will be no trouble in our country Ethiopia.

(Video from Reuters not from the Bishops message but of the situation in Ethiopia)

It has worked together with Ethiopians to prevent a war that the people don't want.

After the war against the life and development of the unwanted human beings, our church has been continuously alone and with other religious institutions. With these messages, the war is life-threatening and destructive. The church has called for the help of the people affected by the war to get the help they need to be affected by the war. The three Ethiopian Catholic churches for the sake of Abinet It's enough to see the messages shared by POSAT.

1) "Blessed are those who make peace and peace among men, for they are called the children of God." October 25, 2013

2) "But I hope in the Lord; I wait for the God who saves me; and he hears me." July 10, 2013

3) "All tears will be wiped away from their eyes; ...... "Tahis 7th 2014"

The following messages that were sent in the conference regarding the war in Tigray, Amhara, Afar, Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz are the signs that the church has heard in words and in action. The main focus of the three animal congregations that happened since the war started was on the role of the country's peace, people's safety and church. Instead of giving press release at congregations A call for the believers to work hard in fasting and prayers.

Beyond this, the Catholic Church has been providing support to the people affected by the war in Tigray, Amhara, Afar, Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz, Gumuz and displaced people who have been affected by the war. AISAT himself and their representatives visited areas affected by the war The act has consoled the people. In December. Month 2014 What. In the Ethiopian Catholic Church, the prime office has completed a budget of 100 million birr (100,000,000.00) to help the victims of the war, and the prime office has finished its preparation to help those who need help in different areas.

As our church has repeatedly stated, her heart hurts for those who have lost their lives in the war, for the women who have been raped, for those who are hungry and thirsty. She also prays for them. She calls on everything she can to support them. The church is a human being that God has given to be lost and the right to be touched. She is a fast institution. She is the best in silence. She doesn't have any reason. She is a spiritual institution that thinks about the safety of all citizens without discrimination and stands with action, love and compassion.

As the word of God says "The truth will set you free" we are also following the professional and legal investigations of the human rights violations based on the truth. As she came to condemn the actions that are not worthy of respect and rights of human beings, and the killing of innocent citizens, she is still strong. She bought. What people need. She calls on the decision makers to do their best to get daily support.

If we can't make war remain in the history of Ethiopia, we want to think again that war can make us and our country out of history.

May God bless Ethiopia and its people!!!

Ethiopian Catholic Church's Assat Conference.

General Office

Addis Ababa