Head of the Catholic Church in Ukraine says "Do not close your hearts to the pain of Ukraine! - "And let's do everything together to stop this terrible war!"

His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church's Daily Message from Ukraine (Image Screenshot from the video): 
Glory to Jesus Christ!
Dear ones in Christ, brothers and sisters! Today is March 19, 2022, and Ukraine is experiencing the 24th day of this bloody, unjust war waged by the Russian aggressor against the peaceful Ukrainian people.
Today, particularly tonight, Ukraine continued to defend itself again. Ukraine stands. Ukraine is increasingly believing in its victory. We feel that the Lord God is with us. And victory is not in the one who is stronger by human power, but in the one with whom the Lord God is, with whom the Truth is. That is the strength.
Today, I would like us to draw our attention in prayer to the immediate victims of this war, to the wounded.
    Ukraine does not even fully know how many people were injured, wounded and severely wounded during this war. We must especially remember in prayer our wounded soldiers, who bear the wounds of Ukraine in a very special way on their bodies, giving their lives and health for our freedom.
Let us remember today the civilians who were affected by the bombing, street fighting, shelling and became victims of this war. Let us remember in prayer those who found themselves under the rubble of houses destroyed by Russian missiles and bombs. Let us also remember the parents who covered their children with their bodies and received severe wounds on their bodies.
Thousands of wounded in Ukraine. The whole Ukrainian land was filled with cries, groans of wounds of human bodies, wounds of man. And how many mental wounds people in Ukraine receive today! We can't even fully comprehend this.
I want to appeal to all those who hear me in Ukraine and around the world. One of the martyrs of communism, Father Lesiv, once said: "Let us not be afraid to let human pain into our hearts, because it is he who will make us Christians!" Today we must be able to empathize, sympathize with those who suffer, in particular suffer pain due to personal injuries in the circumstances of the war in Ukraine. It is so important for us to be able to empathize with our neighbors!
Many people around the world who hear about the war in Ukraine today grew up playing all kinds of computer games. And sometimes for them the word "war" can mean a game, a spectacle, another kind of television show. There is a great danger that even those horrible shots of war that people around the world see today, how Ukraine is crucified, torn to pieces, wounded, people can contemplate without caring about the pain of the Ukrainian people.
Today I want to appeal to all of you: Do not close your hearts to the pain of Ukraine! Because one day the Lord God will tell you: "I was wounded in Ukraine, and you turned your face away from Me."
I appeal to international institutions, to the public opinion of the world community: I do not believe that today humanity is powerless before the war. Together we can and must stop the war in Ukraine. Do not be deaf to moans, cries, cries of thousands of people in Ukraine! Open your heart to them! And let's do everything together to stop this terrible war!
May peace win the war in Ukraine!
Immaculate Virgin Mary, Ukraine and Russia are preparing for the dedication to Your Immaculate Heart today. Accept our Ukrainian people under your Protection, and help the Good Mother to win the war in Ukraine!
Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Heart of Mary, save us!
Text from the Above Youtube Video by the UGCChttp://www.ugcc.org.ua/en/announces/