Over 1000 Convents in Poland and Ukraine are Helping Thousands of Refugees from the Russia-Ukraine War

In 924 religious houses in Poland and 98 in Ukraine, nuns provide spiritual, psychological, medical and material help.
It is estimated that since the beginning of the war, each of the nearly 150 religious congregations operating in Poland and Ukraine has provided aid to from a few to even 18,000 people.
Accommodation has been arranged in 498 religious houses in Poland and 76 houses in Ukraine. So far, 3,060 children, 2,420 families and over 2,950 adults have received shelter. More than 600 places for orphans have been prepared in 64 facilities, and almost 3,000 places for mothers with children are waiting in 420 facilities.
Since the beginning of the war, the Sisters, cooperating with state and church institutions, are involved in the preparation and distribution of hot meals, food, cleaning products, clothes and blankets. They help in transporting people from places affected by hostilities, mediate in looking for a job in Poland, create additional jobs in their centers, coordinate help for refugees in aid staffs, help children from Ukraine get into Polish schools, and interpret Ukrainian language, and also organize activities for children and mothers who come from Ukraine. The institutions run by the sisters can also provide shelter for the elderly and the disabled.
In Poland, religious communities constantly collect food and hygiene products, which are sent to Ukraine, issued to refugees or transferred to assembly houses and other centers where aid is provided to war victims. The sisters also donate their own funds and the funds of the foundations they run.
Currently, there are 332 sisters from Polish religious orders in Ukraine.
The presented data was collected by the Conference of Major Superiors of Women's Religious Congregations in Poland until March 14, 2022.