WOW Cake Artist Wins World Record for Largest Edible Milan Cathedral

A cake artist, named Prachi Dhabal Deb, in India has won the world record for her edible Milan Cathedral structure. It made of vegan egg free royal icing. The cake took her 1 month to complete. 
She writes on Facebook:
This is an absolute labour of love, hard work and determination . My Biggest Royal Icing Structure An Edible Version of Milan Cathedral ❤️with the dimensions of 
 Length 6 feet 4 inches 
Height 4 feet 6 inches 
Width 3 feet 10 inches
 and weighs more than 100 kgs!! 
I would have never imagined to make something like this a few years back. 
 This edible replica of Milan Cathedral was made with vegan egg free royal icing. The humongous task of piping each and every element by hand did require loads and loads of patience and few tears too! So proud to be able to complete something like this all HANDPIPED. 
 I would like to dedicate this to my Baba(Father in law)
Prachi is a 2-time World Record Holder London. She is also the Royal Icing Award Winner Cake Masters Awards, UK. Featured in ForbesIN and on Reuters. Prachi is the Owner/ Founder/Cake Artist at Cake Decor India-Royal icing Art. She studied at University of Calcutta Lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India.