Wow Organizers Estimate 20,000 People Join in Pro-Life March for Life in Madrid, Spain

Pro-lifers took to the streets on Sunday, March 27th, 2022 in the face of "new attacks on life" such as euthanasia and abortion laws.
Pro-life associations gathered in Madrid, Spain, on the occasion of the International Day of Life, which is commemorated every March 25. The people came to "celebrate life" and protest against "the advance of the culture of death" and "the new aggressions "such as the euthanasia law, the imminent reform of the abortion law or the reform of the Penal Code that punishes pro-lifers who come to the doors of specialized abortion clinics with prison sentences.
 This is the eleventh pro-life march in the country. 
In Madrid, they were also protesting, a bill from the Spanish socialist government intended to facilitate access to public hospitals for women wishing to have an abortion. Signs read, 
“Abortion is not a right” 
 “Let’s respect life more!”
 “There are other options. After an abortion, there is always trauma, but we don't talk about that”. 
 The demonstration was organized by the “ Yes to life ” platform, which estimates that it brought together 20,000 people. The government of socialist Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez supports the adoption of a new law intended to facilitate access to public hospitals for all women wishing to have an abortion – including minors aged 16 and 17 – and penalizing anti-abortion demonstrations. abortion in front of the clinics, considering that it is a matter of “harassment” operations. Eight of the 50 provinces of the country have not recorded any abortion since its decriminalization in 1985.