Bishops of Mexico Release Plenary Assembly Message with 11 Points of Action and Decry Violence Against Vulnerable while Looking to Our Lady of Guadalupe for Help

Conference of the Mexican Episcopate
CXII Plenary Assembly of the Mexican Episcopate
Message to the People of God
Dear People of God,
1. "Peace be with you." His brother bishops, gathered in the CXII Plenary Assembly,
We greet you with the same desire for Peace with which the Risen Jesus addressed his disciples.
2. The presence of Christ, the Crucified-Risen One, always instills trust and hope:
confidence not only because of his assistance, which guarantees us the triumph over sin and death, but also for what he has deposited in us to continue his work; and the hope that no reality, no matter how difficult, painful or complex it may be, has the last word, and opens us always to the possibility that with our existence, lived according to the Heart of Christ,
sow the seeds of the Kingdom.
 3. With this conviction, we would like to invite you to discover hope beyond the characteristics typical of our times of change, in which, despite the fact that the primacy of of the human being and of his dignity, and an overvaluation of the individual is emerging with great force
above the community, which forgets the construction of the common good and polarizes society, we dare to affirm, with our gaze on the Risen One, that neither the culture of the death, nor violence, nor lies, nor evil, will have the last word.
4. This hope emerges from the deep cultural and religious roots that give us identity as a Mexican people, mature fruit of the coherent testimony of many missionary disciples throughout five hundred years of evangelization, and the presence of Mary of Guadalupe, who
she has translated the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with great tenderness and with a very kind voice: «Am I not here I am your mother?».
5. We acknowledge and thank you who, as the family of God, have given reason for your hope in the midst of this pandemic and its consequences, living with integrity and confidence in God, as well as with fraternal solidarity.
6. Now it is up to all of us, the people of God (shepherds and flock), to continue the mission of the Risen One, listening to the voice of the Spirit, discerning what God shows us and he asks us through the signs of the times, to find together the paths that make possible
experience "the hope that does not disappoint." Hope that drives us to that, in the face of what threatens human dignity and the values ​​of the family, life, freedom of expression, democracy, education and compassionate hospitality, and in the midst of violence, injustice and
prevailing impunity, and which affect above all the poor, migrants, women and the most weak, let us continue fighting for peace, justice, tolerance, solidarity and dialogue.
7. For this purpose, the bishops of Mexico have met in this Plenary Assembly. In her we wanted to renew our commitment to act a new missionary Pentecost, projected at the Conference of Aparecida (2007), which we took up again in the Ecclesial Assembly Latin America, held last November, and which we now seek to concretize for our
Tglesta in Mexico, through the Ecclesial Meeting. With this longing for the Church, we join the Synod convened by Pope Francis for the year 2023.
8. In this way, laity, consecrated life and pastors, we prepare for the celebration of the 2000 years of the redemption and the 500 years of the Guadalupe Event, guided by the Plan Global de Pastoral, to continue configuring ourselves as a more fraternal, solidary, united Church,
participative and missionary. 
9. We must avoid making unilateral readings of the times we live in, which pay polarization: those from above, those from below; those of before, those of now; the good ones, the bad ones. In complex times, a new audacity and the lucidity of believers are necessary, fix their gaze on
the Prince of Peace (cf. Eph 2, 14). Now more than ever, the commitment of the "blessed who work for peace and justice" (Mt 5, 9), who neither condemn the past without more, nor do they obsessively disqualify the present, but discern, from the criteria of the Gospel, in all events.
10. In the Global Pastoral Plan, the Mexican bishops have renewed our commitment evangelical service of preferential service to the most vulnerable in society, which we recognize today in the faces of migrants, women, children, youth and the elderly who suffer, as well as
in that of the relatives of the disappeared persons. Faced with these realities that hurt us so much, we commit ourselves to being a more synodal and supportive Church, which announces and defends the dignity
and collaborates in the reconstruction of the social fabric from the encounter with Christ Crucified and Risen.

11. May Saint Mary of Guadalupe, who has taught us that the only force capable of conquering the heart of men is the tenderness of God, help us to continue building the "sacred house" where we all find welcome, comfort and hope.

Cuautitlan Izcalli, Edo. from Mexico, April 28, 2022
Mexico City