Pope Francis Cancels Today's Activities Due to Knee Pain as Indicated by a Release from the Vatican

The Vatican Press Office explained that Pope Francis , has canceled today's activities including participation in the Council of Cardinals in progress in recent days.

These are days of suffering for the Pope, who for some time has endured a pain in his knee that is affecting his commitments and his contact with people, as also happened during Holy Week and in the one just passed. This morning, the Vatican Press Office stated, "because of the pain in his knee, and on medical advice", Francis "interrupted the activities planned for today, including participation in the Council of Cardinals, of which a new session is in course these days. "

Last Saturday, at the end of the symposium promoted by the "Fiat" Association, the Pope had expressly apologized in advance to the audience participants for the fact that he would greet them sitting down, "this knee pain - he said - does not allows you to stand up a lot ".

Source: https://www.vaticannews.va/it/papa/news/2022-04/papa-annulla-impegni-dolore-ginocchio-consiglio-cardinali.html


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