Pro-Life March for Life in Peru Brings 10,000 People to the Streets of Lima in Defense of the Unborn

Ten thousand people participated in the Pro-Life, March for Life in the streets of Lima, Peru. “We will continue to defend and give voice to the voiceless”, said Peruvian congresswoman Milagros Aguayo, who participated in the march. Christian Congresswoman Milagros Jáuregui de Aguayo, was at the head of the march.  About 10,000 people took the streets of Lima, the capital of Peru, for the “March for Life”, which took place on the 26th of March. This year, 2022, marks the 20th anniversary of the approval and publication of Law 27654, which states that Peru celebrates the Day of the Unborn Child every 25th of March. 
 The march was organised by over 30 civil organisations. Several members of Congress (especially from the Renovación Popular party), civil groups and many protestants, as well as Catholics, attended the march. Participants walked through several of the main streets of the Peruvian capital to arrive at the Congress of the Republic, to raise their voices in defence of the most vulnerable. According to RED Jovenes Provida Peru, abortion that kills more than 400,000 children in Peru every year in the womb of their mothers.
 “We will continue to defend and give voice to the weak and the voiceless”, said Jaúregui during the march. “Peru is definitely pro-life, our authorities must understand this, and we are very happy to have pro-life congressmen attending this march”, added Guillermo Aguayo.
In the past, Marcha por la Vida (March for Life) in Peru, has held massive peaceful marches with more than half a million people.  'Festivida 2022' also featured an interactive exhibition showing the child from conception to birth, as well as workshops for mothers on early infant stimulation and breastfeeding.