RIP Oleksandr Tsykun - Church in Ukraine Mourns Killing of Beloved Young Seminarian

On March 26, Oleksandr Tsykun, a graduate of the Rivne Theological Seminary of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, who died in the war at the hands of the Russian occupiers, paid his last respects in the village of Stavok of the Golovinsky Territorial Community in the Kostopil Region. 
See 3:55 Mark on Video Below:
 He turned 24 yesterday. 
Thousands of people came to meet the Hero and thank him for his sacrificial feat by which he proved his love for his neighbors and the Motherland-Ukraine.
 The funeral service, with the assistance of the rector of the Rivne Theological Seminary Prot. Vitaliy Lototsky, priests from the Kostopil denomination, Rivne and Volyn dioceses, with the blessing of the Archbishop of Rivne and Ostroh Hilarion, was headed by the deacon of the Kostopil denomination Archbishop Andriy Kononets.
At the end of the sermon, Father Rector Vitaliy Lototsky addressed the audience.
The newly appointed soldier Alexander was buried on the territory of St. Nicholas Church in the village of A pond in which the deceased served during his childhood.


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Thank You Oleksandr ❤🙏🌈🕊