Ukraine Catholic Archbishop Houses Refugees in Churches and says "Today, our cruel enemy is really hunting for people in Ukraine."

Christ is Risen!
Dear ones in Christ, brothers and sisters.
Today is the 63rd day of nationwide confrontation against Russian aggression in Ukraine.
Today is April 27, 2022. And today we greet you from Kropyvnytskyi, from the South of our homeland, from our rich chernozems.
We are here in our temple. In this regional center of the South of Ukraine, together with our people. Here we have Emilian from Kharkiv, Eugenia from Severodonetsk, girls and boys from Bakhmut. And our people who have found refuge here in our parish. Fleeing from under Russian bombs, from the war.
During the last night, the last day, heavy, brutal fighting took place in the East and South of Ukraine. Kharkiv was bombed with air bombs and rockets. In the Odesa region, two rockets were fired at the bridge connecting the two parts of the Odesa region on the Dniester estuary.
 But Ukraine is worth it! Ukraine is fighting! Because Ukraine prays and helps each other.
Today I would like to reflect on the second bliss that Jesus Christ left us, saying, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." We have said that "blessed" means one in whom the power of the Risen Christ rests. Bliss is the Life of God that we received in the Sacrament of Baptism. That immersion in Passion, death, but also Resurrection, our Savior. And so, those who carry in themselves the germ of the Kingdom of Heaven, those who carry in themselves the Resurrection of Christ, weep, says Christ: “You will weep, and the world will laugh. But your sadness will turn into joy. " Those who believe in Christ weep not because they suffer any hardships, but weep because there is still evil in the world. Because that power of victory of the Risen Christ must be fully manifested in that world through the lives of Christians.
We weep, waiting for the fullness of the Kingdom of Heaven to come between us. But this power, the power of victory over evil, is really given to us by Faith in the Risen Savior. And the Faith that unites us all. Whether we are in Kyiv, in Kropyvnytskyi, in Bakhmut, in Kharkiv, in Odessa, in Mykolayiv, we feel like sons and daughters of the one Church of Christ and celebrate the presence of the Risen Savior among us in this Holy Week. In the faces of those children, those people, in their eyes you can see hope, hope for victory. And even when it is difficult for us today, even when we cry, but we cry with hope. Because we feel that the Risen Christ is leading us to victory.
Today, our cruel enemy is really hunting for people in Ukraine. It was said yesterday that in the occupied territories, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from various forms of violence every day. But most of all there is sexual violence.
In the occupied territories, we are receiving news that children are also falling victim to that crime against humanity. We are together, together we resist hacking. We sing together that Christ is Risen. And we live and work together for the victory of Ukraine. And to all those people gathered here in the temple, to our brothers and sisters around the world, we send Easter greetings and say, “Christ is risen! Because we are from Ukraine! He is Risen Indeed!"
The Lord's blessing on you with His grace and Man-lover is always now and always and forever. Amen.
Source: UGCC Youtube Channel