Bishops of Paraguay Call for 3 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Common Gestures for Peace and Respect for Life after Attacks

Statement from the Permanent Episcopal Council of the CEP: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you" (Jn 14, 27) Another attack took place in the town of Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, where Mayor José Carlos Acevedo who was seriously injured by seven shots, and is now struggling between life and death, with little chance of survival. The Paraguayan Episcopal Conference offers prayers for the mayor, his family and the people.

Press Release:
May 18, 2022

Attack on Pedro Juan Caballero

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you 

” (Jn 14, 27)

Barely seven days have passed since the assassination of Prosecutor Marcelo Pecci and once again we received the sad news of the attack that occurred in Pedro Juan Caballero. Our full solidarity with the mayor, José Carlos Acevedo, his relatives and good people who accompany him.

We firmly condemn and repudiate this and all attacks against human life. In this sense, our God is a God who loves life and his commandment is clear and precise: YOU SHALL NOT KILL . We ask the security forces and the prosecutor's office to identify and bring to justice those responsible for these horrendous crimes.

We urge everyone, authorities and citizens in general, to courageously and consistently promote respect for the institutions, the laws and the Constitution of our country so that we live in an environment of peace and security.

We ask Our Lady of Miracles of Caacupé for her intercession before our God so that the violence ceases and we can live in peace and harmony.

 Prayer, fasting and common gesture for peace and respect for life.

From Friday May 20 to Sunday May 22 , we invite all people to offer these actions as an expression of mourning, penance, supplication and commitment for true peace between brothers. These days in every mass we will pray for peace and respect for life. We also invite you to a triduum of fasting and prayer.

Friday 20 , The Fast . Fasting consists of having a single meal during the day, but it does not prohibit taking a little food in the morning and at night, being careful, in terms of quality and quantity. Fasting is the expression of our faith and communion with the whole Church to demonstrate the primacy of the spiritual over the material. It is also an expression of solidarity with those who lack daily bread. It helps us master our passions and quest for self-sufficiency, prepares us for generosity and solidarity with those who are hungry. In addition, it is an expression of mourning, penance and interior conversion.

Saturday 21, The Light: Each person in their home, neighborhood or parish will light a candle to indicate that only the Risen Christ can lift us out of the darkness of violence and death. Just as Christ is the Light of the world, each Christian must be in his environment.

Sunday 22 , The flag and the white scarf. We invite all people to carry a flag or a white handkerchief that day as a sign of peace. Peace is a gift of the Risen Christ and at the same time it is a commitment of all: "Happy are those who work for peace, for they will be called children of God" (Mt 5, 9) Let us open our hearts to this precious gift of the Risen Christ that in his Word, in the Eucharist and in the brother he offers us this wonderful gift. And let us not remain in indifference and complicit silence; let us commit ourselves to be workers of peace.

Asunción, 18 de mayo de 2022.- 

                                                PERMANENT COUNCIL OF THE CEP