#BreakingNews Thousands Attend Pro-Life March for Life in Rome, Italy and Pope Francis Encourages their Participation "...life is a gift from God!"

The annual March for Life in Italy took place on Saturday, May 21, 2022. According to the Avvenire publication thousands were in attendance including over 100 different groups and associations. The spokesperson of the Pro Vita and Famiglia organization, Jacopo Coghe, thanked Pope Francis for encouraging them after his Regina Caeli on Sunday:
"We are grateful to Pope Francis for greeting the National Demonstration "We choose Life" during the Regina Coeli this morning. The Pope reminded us that life is sacred and inviolable and he urged us to listen to the voice of conscience."
Here is what Pope Francis said: (text below the video)

I greet all those who took part in the national demonstration “We choose Life” in Rome. I thank you for your commitment in favor of life and in defense of conscientious objection, the exercise of which you often try to limit. Unfortunately, in recent years there has been a change in the common mentality and today we are increasingly inclined to think that life is a good at our total disposal, that we can choose to manipulate, give birth or die to our liking, such as exclusive outcome of an individual choice. Let us remember that life is a gift from God! It is always sacred and inviolable, and we cannot silence the voice of conscience.

(from vatican.va)
The organizers' website explained: 
"In 2021 alone, abortion killed over 73 million children in the world and in Italy alone thousands of elderly or seriously ill are denied palliative care while politics pushes for euthanasia and assisted suicide. To all this is added an unprecedented demographic winter that makes our country increasingly fragile and withdrawn on itself. We cannot remain inert in the face of these tragedies, which is why we will take to the streets..."
There were more than 100 organizations and associations and families. The organization said, "...mothers, fathers, grandparents, teens and children, who celebrated and defended true freedom without discounts, the one that nobody discards: we don't want to give up on anyone, we want to take care of all, from the smallest unborn child to the most fragile, wounded, discarded life. The age, the state, the place in which one is found cannot be a reason for discrimination, nor do we want to accept any criterion that evaluates some lives more valid than others: all are welcomed, kept, saved. We want a privileged look at the women who deserve the most of the great scam of the elusive right to abortion ”, adds the other spokesperson for the event, Maria Rachele Ruiu. "It will be a party and we will conclude with the concert of the rock band" The Sun ", to testify that not only is it urgent, but also convenient and beautiful to choose Life, in every area! »."
(Video below starts at 16: 30 mark)