#BreakingNews 5 People Killed at Shooting in St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma - Bishop and Religious are on Site Offering Pastoral Support

On June 1st, 2022, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, 5 were killed, including a shooter, at the Natalie Building on the St. Francis Hospital Campus.
On Twitter, the Diocese of Tulsa quoted their Bishop Konderla: "Please join me in prayer for all those who were injured or killed in the shooting that took place this evening at the Natalie medical building next to Saint Francis Hospital. Mary Queen of peace, pray for us." Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City said, "I commend Bishop Konderla, the priests of the Diocese of Tulsa and the Sisters of Mercy for their swift response to attend to the pastoral needs of those involved in this latest act of mass gun violence. I ask Catholics and all people of faith to pray for the men and women killed today and for their families who now must grieve tremendous loss. We need to speak louder in defense of all human life from conception until natural end, and find ways to stop the mass killing of innocent human beings."