Ukraine Archbishop says "...Ukraine is already experiencing the 105th day of Russian aggression, the great and bloody war."

 Glory to Jesus Christ!
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!
Today is Wednesday, June 8, 2022, and Ukraine is already experiencing the 105th day of Russian aggression, the great and bloody war. However, Ukrainian strength is strengthening and victory is approaching.
Although the entire front line is on fire, our soldiers, thanks to whom we see the sunlight this morning, show miracles of courage. Breaking all possible predictions of military experts, our army is defending the Ukrainian Luhansk region, where today the main forces of attack on Ukraine by Russia are concentrated, and even more, it is rejecting the enemy.
 That night, the city of Kharkiv was on fire again as a result of the shelling. Border towns in the Sumy region were also shelled. Heavy fighting is being waged in the south of our Motherland, in particular in the Kherson and Mykolayiv regions.
We learn that the civilian population of Kherson region is in a critical situation. It is almost impossible to get any help there, including food and medicine, as well as to get out of there. This territory is isolated, like Ukraine during the Holodomor. The enemy doomed many people to a slow slaughter. That is why I call on everyone to pray for our army and for the civilian population, which is suffering greatly from the brutality of the aggressor.
But Ukraine stands and fights.
And today we are experiencing the sixth day of the Decade of Mission, that is, day by day we are approaching the Feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit and await the arrival of the third person of the Holy Trinity, the only one we can hope for, who can tell about all our troubles. reveal the Truth to us.
Today's Holy Gospel tells us about the pain of man, which by the power and action of the same Holy Spirit can have different meanings. Human pain is usually associated with danger, it is a signal to our body that things are not going well and there is a threat to our health and life.
But now God's Word tells us about pain as hope. The Lord says to His disciples at the Last Supper: “A woman is in pain because her hour has come. But then he doesn't remember his pain, because man was born. Man was born.
Today Ukraine is in pain. Ukraine is crying and suffering. Ukraine is wounded. However, we ask the Holy Spirit to turn our pain into suffering for the hope that our struggle will be truly pregnant in the hope of the birth of a renewed Ukraine. When we meet mothers and women who have lost their loved ones in the war, we hear a plea from them that the sacrifice of their husbands, sons and daughters should not be in vain. Meeting our soldiers, especially the wounded, we feel that they are ready to continue to suffer, to endure pain, to save lives. And here is a man who comes into the world in those pains, who is renewed in those military sufferings, gives meaning to everything that we are experiencing today. It is so important, say the mothers of our fallen heroes, that their children give their lives in vain.
And today we ask: Holy Spirit, give us hope! Give us the joy of meeting a renewed person who is born in those pains! And then we will forget all our pain and patience, and the joy we experience will give meaning to the suffering we have endured for our future.
On this day of the Decade of Mission, we pray for children whose parents are ready to make great sacrifices for a better future. May this maternal and paternal sacrifice become a joy in their children, a joy and a hope for their better future.
God bless Ukraine! God bless the Ukrainian children! God bless the Ukrainian army, which protects and creates hope for a better tomorrow for our Ukrainian people! God bless all those who sympathize with us and care for the Ukrainian people. God, give us the joy of meeting, the joy of life, this is the man for whom we should live and die.
The blessing of the Lord be upon you, with His grace and love of man, always, now, and forever and ever. Amen.
Source: UGCC Official Youtube Channel Linked Above