Bishops of Guatemala Read the "Signs of the Times" and Appeal for Peace, Justice and Defense of "...human life in all its moments.." FULL TEXT

Appeal of the Bishops of Guatemala, summarizing their July meeting, sharing their reading of "the signs of the times" to see the reality of our country in the light of faith.

“Hope does not disappoint…” Rom 5,5 . Statement from the Episcopal Conference of Guatemala at the end of the July meeting.

A reading of "the signs of the times" is made to see the reality of our country in the light of faith. Some of the issues addressed in the communiqué are:

• Guatemala is still in a bad way and in many ways is deteriorating.

• The problem in our country is that the corruption, irresponsibility, interests and political shortsightedness of officials in all State bodies have corrupted the system, abused it, and created a dysfunctional State incapable of fulfilling its function of creating good. common.

• We continue without seeing greater results in the fight against child malnutrition.

• It is necessary to see this reality from the faith, from the values ​​of the gospel and the social doctrine of the Church.

• We have the hope of what we have experienced in the Ecclesial Assembly last year in the Church of Latin America and the Caribbean and we are also strengthening with reflection and discernment with the celebration of the synodal path of the Church.

• That is why we ask believing citizens, whether or not they belong to a political organization of the State, to carry out their actions in the public sphere with a moral and ethical sense.

• Let us try to carry out activities or civic days to promote citizen participation, political awareness and the election of suitable candidates.

• Let us live the community dimension of the Church and of the Christian experience of the missionary disciple, which begins by being present in the liturgical celebrations and continues in the participation of a community, pastoral, movement or parish group.

• That as active members in the Dioceses we concern ourselves with working for and with the youth and children of our parishes, who are the present and the future of society and the church and therefore in need of pastoral care.

• Let us not forget that the true Christian faith is not only imploring the blessing of the true God, but it is also “working for justice and peace”.

• That the religious celebrations of any denomination, in the coming months, not fall into the temptation of mixing political propaganda with apparent prayer.

• We invite Guatemalans not to lose the illusion of building peace in our country. God calls us to seek justice, to defend human life in all its moments and people, especially the most vulnerable.