Catholic Bishops of Mexico Issue Appeal for Day of Prayer for Peace after 2 Priests Killed

Message from the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate, the
Conference of Major Superiors of Religious of Mexico and the
Mexican Province of the Society of Jesus (See Special Prayer at Bottom)

To the bishops, priests, religious life, faithful and people of good will
from Mexico.
Let us pray together for justice and reconciliation for peace.
The murders and disappearances that are committed daily in the country are a call from God to unite to pray for peace. The spilled blood of these
brothers and sisters is the blood of Jesus that falls to the earth to make it fertile and embark on a path for peace.
That is why we call for a Day of Prayer for Peace. We need
be united at this time when the indignation of our people, at the
barbarity of violence, they are opening a door for peace.
There are four actions we ask of you:
1. In all the masses to be celebrated on July 10, remember everyone
the priests, men and women religious who have been assassinated in the country and offer the intention of the Eucharist for his life so that his pain
accompany me on this path for peace. In the temples can be placed
photographs of these men and women who have given their lives for the people of God and have received violent death.
2. This month of July we ask you to celebrate masses or pray
community meetings in meaningful places that represent all people
who have disappeared or suffered a violent death, be they homicides
malicious, femicide, social activists or any other person in
situation of exclusion or vulnerability, there is a wound to heal and there
there is the strength that the country needs today to build peace. Try to remember
of the death and resurrection of Jesus, in these places, will transform the fear in strength to build peace.
3. As a prophetic sign of our Church, the Eucharist on July 31
Let us pray for the perpetrators, let us pray for their lives and the conversion of their hearts, let us stretch out our hands to receive them with a repentant heart to God's House. They are also our brothers and they need our help. prayer. No more violence in our country.

4. Each Diocese, Religious Congregation or Patronage will define the actions to
undertake to pay for this road to peace, as they are holy hours,
processions for peace, messages to the people of God. Today we need
stories of hope, images where we see the community praying and
asking for peace. We ask you to spread your actions on social networks.

Our commitment is for social dialogue to build a path of justice 
and reconciliation that leads us to peace. We want to open horizons of dialogue to build up peace. We are facing a complex problem that needs everyone and all to take care of it from the root and thus let the Risen Christ bring forth a new look that allows building the agreements that Mexico needs today.

We entrust ourselves to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who has always
accompanied the people of God in the most difficult moments of its history. There there is the mother who gives us a hug of peace and sends us to be pilgrims of the hope and unity.

Mexico City, July 4, 2022.

For the Church of Mexico,
» Rogelio Cabrera López and Ramón Castro Castro
Archbishop of Monterte and Bishop of Cuernavaca
President of the CEM Secretary General of the CEM
Hna. Juana Angeles R. P. Luis Gerardo
Zarate Celedon, CSC Moro Madrid, SJ
President of the CIRM Provincial Priest
Society of Jesus in Mexico


“Lord Jesus, You are our peace,
look at our homeland damaged by violence and scattered by fear and

Comfort the pain of who suffer.
Give success to the decisions of those who govern us.
It touches the hearts of those who forget that we are brothers and provoke
suffering and death,
give them the gift of conversion.

Protect families, our children, adolescents and young people,
to our towns and communities.

That as your missionary disciples, responsible citizens,
let us know how to be promoters of justice and peace, so that in you, our
people have a decent life.

Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us."
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