Pope Francis Arrives Safely Back in Rome after Penitential Pilgrimage to Canada with Indigenous and Thanks Our Lady

Pope Francis made it safely back to Rome after his July 24th-29th penitential pilgrimage to Canada with the Indigenous. He thanked the Blessed Virgin Mary for protection during his Apostolic Journey to Canada. On Saturday, July 30th, in the morning he made a brief visit to St. Mary Major Church to thank God for blessing his ‘penitential pilgrimage’. This is a special tradition of the Pope.

 Pope Francis placed a bouquet of flowers on the altar beneath the ancient Marian icon Salus Populi Romani. He prayed for a few moments to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary for her protection during his six-day ‘penitential pilgrimage’ to the North American nation, according to the Holy See Press Office. The Pope then returned to his residence in the Vatican for some rest.

Source: Edited from Vatican News