RIP Fr. François de Foucauld - Faithful Catholic Priest Tragically Commits Suicide in France

A Faithful Catholic Priest Tragically Commits Suicide in France -
Death of Father François de Foucauld, please pray for the repose of his soul.
Press release from Bishop Luc Crepy – July 1, 2022
I have the pain to announce to you the death of Father François de Foucauld who put an end to his days.

 His body was found that night in the forest of Rambouillet.
Father François de Foucauld, 50, had been a priest for 18 years for the diocese of Versailles. He exercised his ministry in several parishes of the diocese. Following difficulties in the exercise of his ministry, he had no mission since September 2021.
We share the pain of all those who were able to know and appreciate him in his parish ministry.
We carry Father Francis, his family and his friends together in prayer, asking the Lord to welcome him in his mercy.
+Luc Crepy,
Bishop of Versailles

Word of welcome by Fr. Etienne Guillet and homily by Fr. Philippe Brizard for the funeral of Fr. François de Foucauld

The funeral of Father François de Foucauld was celebrated on Friday July 8, 2022 at 3 p.m. in the Sainte-Marguerite church in Vésinet, the parish where he grew up. The ceremony was presided over by Father Etienne Guillet, a close friend of the deceased who introduced the celebration. At the request of the family, the homily was prepared and delivered by Father Philippe Brizard, a friend of the family.

Word of welcome from Fr. Etienne Guillet

Word of welcomeBrothers and sisters,Here we are gathered around François, whose departure leaves us all flabbergasted and infinitely sad.We are crossed this afternoon…Crossed by so many misunderstandings “Why, François? »,Crossed by so many regrets « What didn't I do? What hand did I not reach out in time? What encouragement did I not give you?Crossed by so much anger too, let's recognize it... Herewe are before you, Lord, with all this: our capsized hearts, here they are...And yet, we are here because we feel that in such hours, it is essential to support each other, to support each other, individually and in the Church...We want to be there by your side, you parents; you his sister and his brothers, your wives; you, his nephews and nieces, his goddaughter...Here we are, priests of Yvelines and elsewhere, with you, Mgr Brizard, an intimate friend of François' family for so many years, in communion with Mgr Crepy, Bishop of Versailles, whom I represent and who is currently praying with us from the Benedictine monastery in Blaru.Here we are, from the parishes of Le Vésinet, Houilles and Carrières-sur-Seine, Conflant, Versailles, Bailly-Noisy, Bois d'Arcy, where François grew up and served...Here we are, friends of François, friends of Sillages and Frat, many friends from all four horizons, because François, you had a taste for friendship. We would have liked so much that you continue to invigorate these friendships and to serve life!Since the two of us were seminar friends, then summer sailing friends with Sillages, our “Sails and prayers” camps; since I have succeeded you as curate at Houilles et Carrières, it is up to me to preside over this celebration and lead our prayers to the Lord.These last few hours...– The words of the friends of Sillages and Houilles came to me: “François will have stimulated us so much on the path of faith! », « What quality of friendship! », « his ministry as a priest will have been fruitful and stimulating for our families: he married us, baptized our children »… So thank you Lord for François!– The words of Psalm 34 also came back to me “Pursue peace, seek it! "Risen Lord, it is the grace of this peace that I ask of you so that we can live this hour...Faced with this mystery that escapes us in our brother François, mystery of a man, of a journey, of a decision , from an inner path, let another mystery now take all the space…A mystery that deeply touched Francis from his youth and is given to us today: mystery of the love of Christ, infinite and merciful love...Christ, in our nights, your sweet light, that signified by this Paschal candle, gives us the desire to move forward in the faith…This fire of hope sprung up on Easter morning, we are now approaching it to you, Francois.Fr. Étienne  GuilletPriest of the Diocese of VersaillesCuré of Trappes