Vatican Announces the Beatification of the Saintly Smiling Pope for September with Mass at St. Peter's Square

Pope Francis is scheduled to beatify his predecessor, Pope John Paul I, on Sunday, the 4th of September, at Mass in St. Peter’s Square.
The Holy See Press Office announced plans on July 11th for the beatification of Pope John Paul I. John Paul I was born as Albino Luciani in the northern Italian town of Forno di Canale (now Canale d’Agordo) on the 17th of October 1912.
Pope Francis will preside over the beatification Mass.
Vatican News reports that Bishop Renato Marangoni will read the Rite of Beatification at the Mass, together with the Cardinal Beniamino Stella, postulator for the Cause of Canonization, and Dr. Stefania Falasca, the Deputy Postulator.
“During the beatification, the team of postulators will gift the Holy Father with a reliquary containing the relics of the new Blessed,” according to a statement from the Press Office.
Tickets for the Mass can be requested from the Prefecture of the Papal Household.
Ahead of the beatification, Cardinal Angelo De Donatis will preside over a prayer vigil in the Basilica of St. John Lateran on the evening of Saturday, 3 September.
The Pope’s Vicar General for the Diocese of Rome will celebrate the vigil in the Basilica which houses the Chair of the Bishop of Rome, of which John Paul I took possession on 23 September 1978.
Following the beatification, Mass will be celebrated on 11 September in the hometown of the new Blessed, which lies in the territory of the Diocese of Belluno-Feltre.
Pope John Paul I’s was the shortest papacy in modern history, reigning over the See of Peter for on 33 days.
He was first Pope to choose a double name, saying he did so in honor of his two predecessors: John XXIII and Paul VI.
He was also the last in the long line of Italian-born Popes which began with Clement VII in 1523.
Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis—have commended the man commonly known as “The Smiling Pope”.
Edited from Vatican News