VIDEO - Pope Francis Meets with Grace Kelly's Son - Prince Albert of Monaco and his Wife Princess Charlene

Pope Francis' met with the son of actress Grace Kelly the reigning prince of Monaco. The royals encountered the Holy Father in the Apostolic Library on July 20th, 2022. According to the Holy See Press Office statement lasted the meeting lasted 25 minutes.
Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene spoke with the pope and gifts were exchanged.
During the private audience, the Pope presented the couple with a bronze depiction of a child helping another child get up from the ground with the words “love” and “help” etched on either side of the figures.
A document explained that the image was inspired by the parable of the good Samaritan and serves as a reminder that “the call to accompany, care for and support the most vulnerable invites us to rekindle our vocation as citizens of the world to build a new bond, to look within ourselves and to develop a ‘social love.'”
Pope Francis said, “Pray for me, don't forget. This job is not easy.” And he passed along his greetings to their two children. “A blessing, and greet the children.”
Pope Francis also presented them with several documents, including copies of his Message for the 2022 World Day of Peace and the Document on Human Fraternity.
For his part, Prince Albert presented the Pope with an artistic sketch of the Chapel of St. John the Baptist located in the Royal Palace of Monaco.
Monaco has a population of about 39,244 with over 80% being Roman Catholic. The main language spoken is French.
Edited from Vatican News - Romereports with Stats from Wikipedia