VIDEO Shows Violent Attack by Man at a Catholic Church in Washington in Retaliation for the SCOTUS Ruling

A 31-year-old man was taken into custody on June 28th, 2022, after he allegedly threw rocks, spray-painted and broke glass at St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue.
The pastor explained the attack:

 Dear St. Louise Parishioners,

 I am sorry to inform you that our parish and school buildings were vandalized today by a young man who entered the campus around 10:00 am. He proceeded to spray paint hateful and vulgar messages on the school windows and exterior walls, sidewalks, and parish center. In addition, he damaged the glass door to the parish hall and broke the parish center glass door. He also spray painted the St. Mary of Knots statue in the front entryway of the school.  Thanks be to God, he did not enter any of the campus buildings. Unfortunately, a parish staff member who confronted him, was attacked, but was not injured physically. The police were immediately on site and were able to apprehend the alleged perpetrator. 


I am grateful to the facilities staff who were able to clean most of the damage. I will bless the buildings after the 6:30 pm Mass tonight to ask for God’s cleansing and healing. Thank you for your prayers for our parish and school community as we heal from this experience. Also, please pray for the troubled, angry, young man who decided to harm our parish and school and for healing in our society. We are always blessed to be part of a strong, faith filled community, and most especially during difficult times. 


Fr. Gary Zender