#BreakingNews Historic Catholic Church in Kansas is Destroyed by Fire - Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church - VIDEO

A historic Catholic Church in Kansas was destroyed by fire on Monday. 

On August 29th, in the evening Fort Scott Fire Dept were alerted to a fire at Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Kansas, USA.  Reports are the roof was on fire as departments arrived. Numerous departments assisted to put out the fire: “Quint 216 and 3 personnel are working in Fort Scott for the St. Mary’s church that is on fire. Prayers for everyone’s safety tonight!” — Nevada, Mo. Fire Dept (SEE 2 Videos Below)

 Mary Queen of Angels had a preschool and grade school K-6th, classes are held in different buildings on the small campus. This summer the church is featuring the Eucharistic Miracles of the World in another building on campus. The church is part of the Wichita Catholic Diocese.

History of the Church (below the 1st video)

In 1864 a stone church was built under the direction of Father Bononcini and Father Paul M. Ponziglione, assisted by Brother O’Donnell a lay brother of the Society of Jesus of Osage Mission. The first priest in charge was Rev. Fr. John F. Cunningham, who was succeeded by Rev. Eugene Bononcini.  As early as 1870 he realized the importance of larger facilities for his rapidly, increasing congregation; and began the erection of the edifice that was consecrated September 29th, 1889. On June 16th, 1872, after a period of two years in building, the church was dedicated the services being conducted by the Rt. Rev. Louis M. Fink, Bishop of Leavenworth.

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