Wow Catholic Actor Mario Lopez Shares Beautiful Pics of his Son's 1st Communion at Church!

Actor Mario Lopez, best known for "Saved by the Bell, "was born on October 10, 1973 in California, and was raised in a large Catholic family. His parents are both emigrants from Mexico.  Lopez and his wife, Courtney, celebrated their son Dominic’s First Communion and Announced their joy on Instagram. ​Mario and Courtney married in 2012, and have 3 children, a daughter, Gia (born in 2010) and two sons Dominic and Santio (born in 2013 and 2019). ​

Lopez has stated that he is Catholic and goes to church every week.
In March 2018, he was baptized by immersion at the Jordan River, which was administered by a Catholic priest. God bless Dominic and Congratulations! (Images Screenshot from Mario Lopez's Instagram)

He wrote: Our Dominic had his 1st Holy Communion & we couldn’t be more proud… #Catholic #1stCommunion #FamiliaLopez #LopezBoys