2000 at Pro-Life Regional March for Life in Dublin, Ireland to Support the Unborn

Dublin Pro-life March

On September 17,  2,000 pro-life advocates marched from St Stephen's Green to Molesworth Street in Dublin. A stage was erected by Buswell’s Hotel for speakers including Mairéad Toíbín who encouraged the Irish to elect more Teachta Dálas and senators to support the Eighth Amendment. She was followed by Autumn Lindsey from Students for Life of America, who encouraged listeners with the historic defeat of "Roe V Wade”. 

This was Pro-Life Campaign’s fourth regional march, previous marches having occurred in Cork, Galway and Co Donegal last May.

Also, on July 2nd, during another rally, thousands from all corners of Ireland, courageously took to the streets of Dublin:

According to the Regional March website, at https://marchforlife.ie/about-us/

these protests are a response to changes made in abortion law over two years ago. Since then 13,243 legal abortions were performed which was a 70+% increase in the abortions. The website explains this was not what the government promised to deliver nor do present laws reflect the one third of pro-life votes in the country. The pro-life are pressuring their government to provide other options other than abortion to pregnant women. 

A review into termination of pregnancy services in Ireland is currently underway by independent chairwoman Dr Catherine Conlon. This comes due by law three years after the passing of new abortion laws. Changes allowed women legal access to abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and later in where the mother’s life was at risk or if the child is suspected of having birth defects. 

According to The Irish Times, Independent TD Carol Nolan told the public of the Dublin march that there was “absolutely no excusing the way the Government is excluding the anti-abortion movement” from the review process.