A Catholic Pro-life Health Clinic is Vandalized with Satanic Imagery

 A Catholic pro-life health clinic, "Bella Health + Wellness," is vandalized with Satanic imagery.

On Facebook they wrote:

We are sad to have to share that our clinic was just vandalized. If you could take a moment today to pray for our mission, our team and their families, and our patients, we would be grateful! If you want to chip in to help us repair our building before our patients arrive tomorrow you can donate with the link below. Thank you for your prayers and support, we will continue to stand strong in our mission to protect life and care for families.

Bella has helped over 1,700 patients in 2021 and provided almost $250,000 in free care. They say 382 babies were born with Bella’s help. 

In addition to the 981 Medicaid patients who were aided,  622 patients were helped in together with Marisol Health, the pro-life medical centers of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver.

Their website says: At Bella, we are committed to providing life-affirming, innovative, and high-quality healthcare to make people whole. Because of our mission and charism for the abortion vulnerable patients who come through our doors, many are not happy with us, and we just saw this in the vandalization of our clinic. Some of the repairs will be relatively easy, and others more involved. Thank you for your prayers and support to help us clean up this mess, grow our clinic, protect life, strengthen families, and restore our culture.